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My expertise

With many years of hands-on experience, I can offer unique legal support to meet your organisation’s needs. This includes a specialist knowledge of human rights and international law and a reputation for delivering first class legal research and writing, both at a national and European level.

Professional achievements

  • Worked extensively for leading UK NGOs, including Amnesty International, JUSTICE, and Interights.
  • Provided in-depth research support on cases before the Supreme Court (including the Julian Assange case) as well as cases before the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Appointed lead expert on access to justice project for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.
  • Published author in the fields of criminal justice, human rights and EU law.
‘Debbie's research and writing skills are simply outstanding and the speed with which she is able to turn work around is equally impressive. Whether researching complex comparative law issues for Supreme Court appeals or drafting chapters on money laundering and anti-terrorism law, I have always found Debbie's work to be of an extremely high standard and would strongly recommend her to anyone faced with a tricky legal problem.’

Tim Owen, QC, Matrix